Saturday, March 30, 2019

Reduced time for testing? Not so fast.

NYSED and Commish Elia continue to say that the NYS Assessments are of reasonable length, I completely disagree.

Here is what NYSED states are average expected times for completion of the assessments.  Consider the 3rd graders, at age 8, an average time of an hour is completely inappropriate for that age level. 

The reality in a classroom is that the children will be sitting in rows, silent, for much longer.

When NYSED states that testing time is reduced consider the following: 1. Room set up and seating & materials distributed(~15+ minutes) 2. Teachers are mandated to read test instructions verbatim. (~ 20 min)
3. If school is using computer-based testing: student log on to system (5-20+ minutes depending on age & computer glitches- there were many last year) 4. Actual "average" time to complete (60-90 minutes) 5. "Untimed" testing(1.5 hours - 6+ hours)

Minimum 1.5 hours for 8yr olds to sit silently in rows, more if computer testing with minimal glitches. If a third-grade teacher had their students sit silently completing workbooks for 90 minutes that would be educational neglect, yet NYSED allows this practice 4 days .

Regardless of grade level, the NYS assessment system is not age-appropriate just in time alone, add in flawed nature of the test itself, and it is no wonder many families "opt out" of the tests.