Sunday, May 7, 2017

We Opted Out, Now What?

Your family made the decision to "refuse" or opt out of the state assessments.  By taking this action you are standing up for your child's education.  You want more than a test-based education for your child, but now what?

It is time to take your advocacy for the type of educational opportunities that all children should experience.

It is time for your advocacy to push your child's district towards student-centered education policies.  It is time to drop the worksheets, workbooks and teacher-centered instruction that might exist in your district.  

It is time to advocate for:

  • Whole Child education reforms.
  • Student-Centered  and directed learning that includes creativity, choice, and critical-thinking.  
  • It is time to get students up and moving, outside, and collaborating.
Individual districts, schools or teachers are engaging your children in these experiences already, but these methods of student-centered learning need to be widespread across all schools and classrooms. 

Remember, opt out is not just about saying "no", but saying "yes" for the education we want for our children.