Sunday, January 17, 2016

Education reform must move in a different direction

I was provided with the opportunity to provide phone testimony with several other parents and educators to Governor Cuomo's Common Core Task Force.  My presentation was focused on alternatives to the current student and educator assessment system.

Here is why a continued boycott of the state assessment system must occur:
"It was my hope that the Common Core Task Force would listen to the voices of students, parents and educators from across New York State. We have reached a precipice that requires serious change in direction in education policy in our state and nation. An unprecedented event took place last spring when over 220,000 students boycotted the grades three through eight state assessments. Small, cosmetic or superficial changes in our education system will not satisfy the families across the Empire State who have brought their concerns to local and state officials. It is time for change in our schools. We are not asking to reverse course, but head in a different direction that will provide a challenging, appropriate education for all children."

Please read the rest of my op-ed here: