Thursday, September 17, 2015

Amazing! Opt Out percentages from 2015

Only 27 districts (some of which are a single small specialized schools) out of approximately 700 made the Federally mandated 95% participation rate for the 2015 NYS ELA Assessment & Math Assessment.  

(click the links above for a list of each NYS district's refusal percentage)

Amazing efforts which are resulting in State Education officials scrambling to get parents to "Opt-IN" to the assessment program.  Pearson will give its final 3-8 assessments in the spring of 2016 as Questar will be the new vendor(and moving towards computerized testing).  Commissioner Elia has recently stated the tests will be shorter.  Great, but.......

There are so many issues that need to be resolved before parents will "Opt-IN" again:

  • Are tests an accurate measure of student achievement?
  • Tying educator evaluation and school ranking/standing corrupts the testing system and causes test-prep and narrowing of the curriculum.
  • Since the NYS Assessments have been part of Common Core implementation, concerns about the age/grade level inappropriate content and reading levels have been raised.
  • The Common Core is a significant issue as educators had virtually no voice in the development of the standards resulting in serious questions about age/grade level inappropriate standards.
  • The impact of the current test system on special education students and English-Language Learners needs to be addressed.
  • Do we really think testing an 8-year old can determine that child's college-readiness?
Refusals will continue to rise unless NYSED, the Governor and the State Legislature address ALL of the flaws in our testing program.