Sunday, November 23, 2014

Some excellent reads 11/23

A teacher loses faith in the Common Core

A former hedge-funder turned teacher realizes numbers do not mean a quality education:

NYSED provides schools with inaccurate data on college preparation. 

"The reality is that most school districts across the state are already doing an effective job of preparing kids for college. To misrepresent the facts in such a clear and purposeful way is irresponsible," he said.
"Not only were the names given, the report included which colleges and universities the students attended, their race, special education status, whether or not they received free or reduced priced lunch, and in many cases, their college major."


Who wrote the Common Core Standards?


A successful history of—and the threat to—Public Education in the United States


Common Core: It Really Is All About the Tests (and Corporate Profits)