Sunday, June 8, 2014

How Bill Gates' money influenced passage of the Common Core.

Amazing front page piece from the Washington Post on how David Coleman convinced Bill Gates to spend a small fortune to convince politicians and educational leaders to support the Common Core.

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Key Quotes from this important piece to share:

Money influences.  Embed your people into government positions, and this is reflected in the "Regents Fellows" and the inner circle of Governor Cuomo's education team.
"found a big booster in Obama, whose new administration was populated by former Gates staffers"

Standards do not raise achievement.  Small class sizes, diverse program offerings, and student support systems help students.
Tom Loveless, a former Harvard professor who is an education policy expert at the Brookings Institution, said the Common Core was “built on a shaky theory.” He said he has found no correlation between quality standards and higher student achievement.
“Everyone who developed standards in the past has had a theory that standards will raise achievement, and that’s not happened,” Loveless said.

Common Core is for "other people's children". If the big-time supporters of Common Core do not have their own children attend schools that must implement the Common Core, should we question their motives? This should also include NYSED Commissioner John King, whose two children attend a private Montessori school.
"Bill and Melinda Gates, Obama and Arne Duncan are parents of school-age children, although none of those children attend schools that use the Common Core standards. "

The major players behind Common Core. (notice the lack of educators)

Sunday, June 1, 2014