Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rabbit season, Duck season, Testing season?

Here we are in the midst of testing season for our elementary and middle schools.  Parents and educators are raising their voices across New York State and the nation against the harmful impact of high-stakes testing.  Here are several good reads about the "testing season" in New York.

Cut Scores
Important read: Principal Carol Burris takes a look at the magical (& political) method of determining the "cut scores" for our 3-8 assessments.
The ridiculous cut scores of the 3-8 NY Common Core tests and what we should do about them.

Test secrecy
A NYC principal discusses the problems with this year's ELA tests:
The problems with a "Secret Test"

Nationwide high stakes testing resistance stories:

THE NUMBERS: A database of test "refusals" from across NYS:  Over 33,000 and counting:

Yes, Indeed: Test boycotters are the new "Revolutionaries"

A Pediatrician and his 13 year old daughter react to Common Core testing.

File this one under "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt": Commish King and Arne defend the Common Core:

Great video on the impact of budget & education reform on NYS children & their schools by @NWTA_Union