Monday, April 21, 2014

NYS grade 3-8 Field Tests - Spring 2014

Here is another important boycott:  Do not allow your children to do labor for NYSED and Pearson.  More lost instruction time.  Is your child's school on this list?

Schools have a range of dates to give the field tests: Contact your school to find out the specific dates.  Advocate to your school administration that your school should send back the field tests without completing them.  If not, organize a boycott!

What is a field test? A "field test" is an exam that Pearson uses to help create the "regular" exams for our children.  So basically our students are being used as "test subjects" to create future tests.  This is another huge waste of valuable education time trying out test questions for the "real" tests, both of which do nothing to improve our children's education.

Parents- Contact your school board, superintendent, principal and teachers.  Ask the school to refuse to give the "fake" tests.  Our children are already inundated with enough mandated testing.  Inform your school that your child will not be taking the field tests.

These tests have no bearing on your child's academic progress and are not used to evaluate our schools or teachers.  Because the field tests have no educational use for our children or schools, this is an easy decision to opt out your child. 

Sadly our children see these tests as a regular part of their school day.  Unlike the state testing in the spring, parents are not informed of this testing that dominates our children's educational experiences.

(Information and list of PARCC Field Tests and High School Level Field tests)

2014 Spring 3-8 Field Tests: