Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Opt Out & Refusal Resources

Updated September 2015 For the latest resources visit

Opt Out - generic term for boycotting state assessments throughout the United States.

Refusal - specific term using NYS Education Department language for boycotting state assessments.

Updated "999" refusal code information

Guide to Refusal Policies from Long Island Opt Out

A great guide to refuse testing and respond to district handling of refusals, including suggestions and example letters. (pdf download)

My family's 2015-16 opt out letter
  (note: I refute the NYSED talking points of 'informing instruction' & assessing our children's progress)

A really nice letter!

New York City parents:
"For information about opting out in NYC, see the Change the Stakes website

Reading after test completion (or refusal!)

According to the 2014 Educator Test Guides your child can read when completing (or refusing!!) the test.  This is a local school decision, so check with your school.

When Students Have Completed Their Tests
Students who finish their assessment before the allotted time expires should be encouraged to go
back and check their work. Once the student checks his or her work, or chooses not to,
examination materials should be collected by the proctor. After a student’s assessment materials
are collected, that student may be permitted to read silently.* This privilege is granted at the
discretion of each school. No talking is permitted and no other schoolwork is permitted.
(Located on page 9 in the ELA guide and page 7 in the Math guide.)

The 95% participation question.  Will "refusals" hurt our school?

Some suggestions and ideas
Schools have different refusal procedures- work with your school.
Suggestions for how your child can "refuse".

More FAQ from NYSAPE:

Excellent school district policies to share: