Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some reactions to today's NYSED state assessment score release.

From Carol Burris, Long Island Principal:

What big drop in new standardized test scores really means

From Voorheesville Superintendent Dr. Teresa Thayer Snyder: (Added 8/8)

Commentary on Math & ELA Results


From Diane Ravitch: (with a shout out to opting out!)

Who Is Destroying Public Education in New York State?

More from Ms. Ravitch: (added 8/8)

Who should parents and the public hold accountable for the collapse of test scores? ....state education officials

From Ms. Ravitch's blog:   (added 8/8)

Those Phony, Misleading Test Scores: A NY Principal Reacts

From Class Size Matters:

Five Reasons not to trust the new scores.


From an education advocate: An important message to students, educators, and parents.

From Principal Peter DeWitt: (added 8/8)

Don't Worry About Your Test Scores: Proud to be ineffective.

Recalling the disaster that was this spring's ELA exam:

New York ELA day 2 disaster #FAIL #Pearson #NYSED