Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Field Tests - the "refusals" continue.


Field testing is coming to your child's school soon.  If your child is in grades 3-8 they just finished 6 days of grueling assessments, yet NYSED and Pearson expect your child to waste more time in test mode. High School students are also impacted with field testing, taking away valuable time as the Regents Exams approach.

What is field testing?  Please read this from last spring.

NYSED Field Test page.

Talk to your school board and administration to have your school bypass the field test.  There is no harm to your school, teachers, or students. The field test is not used to evaluate a school, teacher, or students.

If your school will not boycott the test, have your child refuse the test.  Encourage other parents to do so as well.  Only Pearson Corporation will be harmed by the boycott.  Do not let your child perform labor so a billion dollar corporation can profit.  Do not let your child be a test subject or guinea pig.

The field test is usually about 30 minutes in length, so most students can pass the time by daydreaming, drawing on the booklet, or writing a letter to Pearson on the exam.

Here is the list of schools assigned to field testing at the elementary/intermediate level(3-8 testing (excel download)

Here is the list of schools assigned to field testing at the high school level (excel download)

*Schools are listed by individual school name, not district.
*Not all schools are listed, your child's school may have had the field test assignments in the fall.

Dates of 3-8 Field Testing per NYSED.   Contact your child's school for the exact date.(click to enlarge)

If you have a child in 4th or 8th grade, the NYS Science Assessment will be coming in late May More on that later.