Sunday, April 21, 2013

More on 95% participation.

The fine folks at Re-Thinking Testing have put together research to clear up some of the mystery and concerns around the 95% participation issue if families decide to boycott the State Assessments.

Click here to read their work.

Read here as well:

Comply or Be Punished


Saturday, April 20, 2013

NYS testing week disasters.

After week one of the New York State Assessments we have witnessed that year two of the NYSED-Pearson marriage is not much better than last year.  This year's educational experiment with the Common Core has had more than its share of problems.  We could get a good laugh from these follies if NYSED and Pearson were not harming our children.

Here are some stories about this week's testing:

DAY 2 ELA disaster examples. From yours truly.

NY/Pearson ELA epic fail.  From NYC Public School parents.

DAY 3 ELA problems.    Me again.

As if our children need more commercialization in their lives. Should we start calling the Common Core State Standards the "Corporate Commercial State Standards"?
Product placement in our children's exams.

And we have bridge to sell, as well

This Test Brought To You By....

If schools buy Pearson workbooks, your students will excel at Pearson's State Assessments

An 8th grader's brilliant parody of an NYS Assessment.

5th grader: " I don't want to a test slave"

6 insulting things NYSED keeps repeating.

An Open Letter to NY Ed Commish King. Thank you.

A parent wonders why there are "so many hours for testing?"

NYSED Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch shows she is out of touch: "I would be so bold as to say they were better than most people expected them to be"

How a New York student feels about the State Assessments.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Guinea Pigs and Frustration

Did you know that the NYS Assessments that will be forced upon children across the Empire State contain "embedded field test" questions?  Field test questions are "trial' questions to see if they make a good question for future examinations produced by Pearson.

How does this impact your child?
  • Makes the test a longer period of time.
  • Your child will not know this is a "fake" question.  
  • Could this throw your child's entire test results off as he or she is frustrated by a question that does not count on the test? 
From  NYSED : Memo: Spring 2013 Grades 3–8 Common Core English Language Arts and Mathematics Tests and Grades 3–8 English Language Arts and Mathematics Field Tests

In this another example of Pearson and NYSED using our children?  Pearson gets a large sum of money to produce the assessment for New York, can't they come up with test questions without adding to the frustration already experienced by our children? 


Friday, April 12, 2013

Choose to Refuse!