Sunday, February 24, 2013

Some required reading.

Here are some more great reads from around the interwebs... 

  1. Standardized testing boycotts spreading: Momentum!
  2. Greenburgh Superintendent Calls APPR Plan A 'Bad Deal' 

  3. News report on the cost of teacher evaluation systems in New York State. 

  4. NYSED and the fear machine (Part III) - don't give in!

  5. Massachusetts professors protest high-stakes tests.


  6. What is really behind the Common Core: profit. "There's gold in them thar test prep Common Core workbooks." 

  7. More on the Common Core costs and origin. 

  8. This is what happens when we neglect other subjects in favor of prepping for ELA and math assessments- we force feed curriculum into math or ELA. 

  9. Arne & Bill's misguided adventure (in education reform)

  10.  Edy the Warrior- an opt outer from Texas.