Sunday, February 24, 2013

Are you in?

Occupy the Department of Education is coming to Washington, D.C. this April 4-7.

I am excited to be attending this top-notch event.  I am incredibly honored to be invited to speak, especially considering the "rock stars" who defend public education who will be presenting.

For more information about "Occupy" go to the United Opt Out Website.

Please consider attending this event. Our nation's capital would make a great spring vacation.  If you are passing through the area on the way back from Spring Break stop by and catch some of the speakers. 

Some required reading.

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  8. This is what happens when we neglect other subjects in favor of prepping for ELA and math assessments- we force feed curriculum into math or ELA. 

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  10.  Edy the Warrior- an opt outer from Texas.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Common Core Math Blues

The new Common Core Learning Standards will create an explosion of high-stakes standardized testing in our children's classroom.

Currently you and your child (and her teacher) may be suffering from

The revolution is growing!

Everyday seems to bring more news of teachers, parents and students fighting against high-stakes testing that is harming our public schools. My website hits have exploded recently. The New York Opt Out Facebook page is growing in numbers.  Parents are starting to see the harm and are stepping up to do something about the testing madness.  

Join the revolution!

Courage! Seattle's Garfield High School teachers have refused to administer the MAP standardized test. 

Garfield High School parents and students support their teachers by opting out or refusing to take the MAP test.

Portland, Oregon students start a testing boycott.

Rhode Island Students protest high-stakes testing requirements.

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Longer school year or day?  How about funding our schools properly first?

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Has kindergarten become too academic?

Satire or reality…