Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A much needed update

I have been very busy working with various groups and individuals fighting the high-stakes testing madness and I have neglected my website--sorry!

Opt out season is coming up soon so let's be ready!


Consider joining The Partnership for Smarter Schools  TPSS is a grassroots group of parents, school board members, educators and college professors advocating against high-stakes testing.

Here are some great reads:

Common Core and the harm to early childhood:

From Washington Post by Nancy Carlsson-Paige (Matt Damon's mother)

New York Post: Playtime is over.

How Is Common Core For Kindergartners Not Child Abuse?


Another type of opt out?  Yes.  Student data will now be collected by private corporations.


Teachers at Seattle's Garfield High School refused to administer the MAP standardized test.  Other Seattle teachers joined in.  The movement against high-stakes testing continues to gather momentum.




I will be doing my primary education writing on the website At The Chalkface, but will continue to update this website with opt out information for New York families. The Chalkface website is undergoing an update and will be better than ever will a new format on Thursday January 31st.