Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Did your child's school inform you about SLO testing?

The New York State Education Department has required the use of Student Learning Objective based pre-assessments for certain grade levels or subjects.  These pre-assessments are being used to determine student growth to evaluate our children's teachers.  Basically our kids take an exam measuring content that the students should learn by the end of the year.  So we are giving a test on skills that students have yet to learn towards the beginning of the school year.  

Teachers are reporting our youngest students crying in frustration as a result of trying to read or understand words or concepts they have yet to learn.  My middle school students asked me last week if my classes would be taking the pre-assessments.  I informed them "fortunately not".  High school students in my district, wise to fact that these exams are a waste of time, made a mockery of the process by giving nonsensical answers.

Did you know that your child was subjected to this madness?  Probably not.  

My children's school and the district in which I work did not inform parents about the SLO pre-assessments.  I was forwarded this letter where a school in my area made the decision to explain a little about the SLO process to parents.  Some schools have already completed the SLO pre-assessments for the fall, others will be soon.  Contact your school to find out if your child will be taking a SLO test.  Your school will say that all students must be tested, but you can challenge that.  My children have boycotted the SLO tests this year with the exception of the Second Grade Physical Education test.    I have to ask why are most districts failing to inform parents?