Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some good links to read.

8/30 update:  "Why, then, do so many public officials continue to advocate high-stakes testing? The major problem is a disconnect between the views of voters and educators on the one hand, and politicians and their high-dollar supporters—particularly the Broad, Gates and Walton foundations—on the other. Public opinion polls consistently show support for cutting back on high-stakes testing. But policy makers and their close supporters continue to defend the status quo, even though the evidence reveals that it has not succeeded."  ~Bob Schaeffer

(8/23 update) Three ed reforms parents should worry about most

by Long Island Principal Carol Burris.  (Google "Carol Burris" for some more excellent reads on education.)

Of particular importance is the fact that private companies have ownership of  your child's personal and school data.

(8/23 update) Don't let AIS and NYS test scores limit your child's opportunities: 
   Recommendations from a music educator on AIS/IEP students and instrumental music classes. 

(8/23 update) 

What do standardized test scores tell us?

by Alberta, Canada educator Joe Bower.

Are Regents Exams needed for New York High Schools?

The Cost of Achievement

(8/23 update)

10 most inaccurate school reform axioms