Friday, May 25, 2012

NYSED's field test shenanigans

Today NYC Public School Parents posted a memo from NYSED telling teachers to deceive their students.  NYSED, realizing that high school students are sophisticated enough to see through the fake field tests, told teachers across New York State to say the field test is a "brief test of achievement".  This is the sad state of affairs at the New York State Education Department.

The field tests are not only a waste of time and lost instruction(1.5 to 2 hours if a school has to administer one of the Global Studies essays), but these tests may damage student results on the upcoming Regents Exams.  Teachers are not allowed to discuss or see the questions or answers.  What if students develop a misconception about a question or the essay topic.  The teachers cannot correct or help the student with their lack of understanding.  It is entirely possible that the student may approach the Global Regents Exam, which is a graduation requirement, and apply that same misinterpretation of subject matter when the exam really counts.

Elementary and Middle School students will be taking the ELA and math field tests in early June, time to opt-out again.