Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Not too late to OPT-OUT

Day one of the NYS Assessments is in the books.  Ninety minutes of torture for our children in New York State.  There are five more days of this madness. You can still opt-out.

Reasons to opt-out if you have not done so already:

  • Children who are eight are taking the same length test as middle schoolers who are fourteen. (90 minutes)
  • Questions are inserted as "field questions" so the Pearson Corporation can profit by making more tests.  This increases the length of the test and causes frustration and confusion if the question is poorly constructed or inappropriate for the age level.
  • Burn out usually sets in during day two of the ELA exam, this year three days.
  • Assessments given second day after return from Spring Break for many New York districts--students usually take a few days to get back in the routine.
  • Students do not get a break from "test prep" as teachers need to cram for next week's three days of math testing.
  • Many districts will be forced by NYSED to conduct "Field Tests" in May or June.  These "fake" tests are another way that Pearson finds questions for future exams.  More time lost to testing, more burn out, more profit for Pearson.  Is this child labor? Are NYSED and Pearson violating labor law by having children do work that creates a profit for a mega-corporation?
  • Take a stand now-- next year even more testing.
  • My child is relaxed and happy today- did not take the test.  How does your child feel about today and the next several days of school?
  • 4th and 8th grades still have science state assessments coming up in May.
  • Schools will either pull teachers from your child's classroom to grade the exams or districts will schedule staff development grading days to correct the tests-  More lost instruction for your child.
Any other ideas?  Post comment or send me an email.  This is a quick list of my thoughts after the first of six days of NYS Assessments.