Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Buffalo News My View Article


12/20/2013 : Due to the Buffalo News website overhaul, my opt-out announcement is not available online, click here to read it.

Western New York and New York State parents who have read my opinion piece, please join me in the quest to take back public education.  Our children's education and futures are at stake.  Is your child nervous, apprehensive, or scared about the upcoming high-stakes testing period?  Are you and your child sick of the endless test preparation that has occurred over the last several weeks?  Join others around our state and nation who have said enough is enough and are boycotting the exams. 

New York does not have a clear "Opt-out" provision as some other states do.  New York mandates that all students take the standardized tests, but you can still protest this policy. I have outlined some ways to do so here.    This is a great lesson is civil disobedience for your children to fight unjust policies. 

As more parents stand up and say no to the monster testing corporations that are influencing our children's education in so many negative ways,  we can bring down this era of "reform" that is destroying public education.